Our Blog Challenge today was to blog about something that we do for fun in our business and personal life. Easy right? Not for me! I realized that I am so consumed in building a business that I have forgotten about having fun or even what fun looks like for me these days.

There is always so much to do when you run your own business, the work never seems to be done. You have to be constantly marketing, thinking up new and exciting ways to improve your service, answer that ever growing mailbox, etc.

This challenge forced me to stop and think about what do I classify as fun these days. I always loved to read, but now I mostly read self-help or business books. This activity, which I once loved to do, has also turned out to be a chore.

As Entrepreneurs we have so much on our plate and it can be an all-consuming task growing your business. How often do we actually takes some time out to do the things we love?

I am grateful for this challenge as without it, I would don’t have realized that I do not make time for fun.

A dear friend of mine, Michelle Vooght, always talks about the importance of making “joy appointments” for yourself. You need time out to ensure that you have a balanced approach to life.

My personal challenge this week is going to be to take time out and reconnect and rediscover what fun looks like for me.

Have you perhaps also forgotten what fun looks like for you, or too busy to even think about fun?

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