I have a confession to make! According to the marketing gurus’ video has been “the way to go” for some time now, but I have been postponing going on camera FOR YEARS! I have done test runs and I just don’t like how I look or sound on camera. When I hear myself on video, I want to apologise to everyone that I have ever sent a voice note to, as I think I sound terrible.

However, after doing some research last year for a talk I did on The Future of Networking, I realized that online is the future and there is no getting away from it. Not only is it convenient, efficient and cost effective, it creates a meaningful connection with your audience.

I decided that it was time to embrace my fears and do it anyway.

On the 06th February I hosted my first Xtraordinary Women online networking event. To be honest, I was terrified! I prepared for months! I prepared for every possible scenario, yet I was still so nervous! So many things could go wrong. I am totally in my comfort zone when it comes to in person networking events, after all I have been doing them since 2007 and can do it with my eyes closed. It comes naturally to me. But this was a whole new ball game. Although the concept remains the same, there was a whole new element to it. Technical issues, what am I going to look like or sound on camera, load shedding schedules, what if our community is not going to like the new format, and the list goes on!

Well needless to say, the first event is over, and I am still alive to tell the story! I now look forward to hosing many more online events and wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.

This is what I have learnt from the process:

  1. Prepare: It is important to prepare for any new endeavor or process as much as you can.
  2. Things can and will go wrong: No matter how much you prepare things can and often will, go wrong. Sometimes there are challenges that you could not foresee.
  3. Embrace the challenges: When things do go wrong, embrace them as a learning curve and commit to making it better the next time round.
  4. Nothing is as bad as we make it out to be: We all have our own personal issues. We might think our voice sounds terrible, worried about our double chin, and the list goes on. We are too hard on ourselves. Often people don’t even see the things we are hung up about. We are all perfect just the way we are.
  5. Show up anyway: No matter how much you fear doing something, just do it! Embrace your fears and just show up. You will be glad you did. It paves the way for more amazing things to happen. It will form part of your growth and you have taken another step in your journey to achieving great things.
  6. If you have a supportive community, anything is possible!

I would love to hear what challenges and fears are holding you back from taking that next step to take your business to the next level.